Tourist Traps That Don’t Suck

"Shinyokohama ramen museum" by Douglas P Perkins Licensed under CC BY 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

If you expect to encounter ninjas, robots and giant monsters on your trip to Tokyo, then this list was made for you!

A tourist trap is defined as an establishment with the aim of attracting tourists and their money. While normally a tourist trap is a complete waste of time and money, there are some that can provide enough entertainment value and give a nice break from all the temples and cultural stuff.

Trick Art Museum in Odaiba
For only ¥900, you become the art as you can pose with creative 3D paintings. You can be a ninja clinging to the ceiling or be eaten by Japanese yokai (monsters). Fun for tourists tired of shopping at the Odaiba malls. Recommend you bring a friend to take your pictures.

Gundam at Diver City in Odaiba

Gundam at Diver City in Odaiba

Giant Gundam
While in Odaiba, check out the full scale model of a Gundam robot. The robot is pretty awesome to behold even if you’re not into anime, but the location sucks as it’s hidden behind Diver City shopping mall. Inside the mall however, there is a Gundam cafe, store and paid attraction called Gundam Front. There are special video performances at night.

Robot Restaurant
Technically, it’s not a real restaurant. What you’re really getting is an over-the-top one hour show that fulfills every outsider’s vision of the wacky side of Japan. Everyone says it was worth it, I take their word for it.

Power Ranger Live Action Show
Tokyo Dome City is an amusement park in the middle of the city (AKA Korakuen Yuenchi). On weekends, kids big and small line up to watch their favorite masked heroes battle with kung-fu fighting aliens. In the summer, after the show check out a Japanese Haunted House!

Ninja Training
Come to Japan and learn to be a ninja in one hour! You will learn four essential skills: swordplay, how to walk silently, secret escape techniques and throwing ninja stars. Afterward make sure to visit the Ninja gift shop! With the skills you have mastered, head over to Akasaka for dinner at the Ninja Restaurant.

"Shinyokohama ramen museum" by Douglas P Perkins Licensed under CC BY 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

“Shinyokohama ramen museum” by Douglas P Perkins Licensed under CC BY 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

Ramen Museum
Technically not a museum, it’s more a ramen-themed restaurant. If you love ramen, then this is the place to go, the only problem is the location, so it’s only recommended if you are in the area or can use your Japan Rail pass to stop off at the Shin Yokohama shinkansen station. Or, you can combine it with a visit to…

Cup Noodle Museum in Yokohama
Here you can learn about the history of instant ramen and even design your own label and choose your toppings. I’m a little disappointed to see that the shape of the building is a boring block. Seriously, the Cup Noodle container shape is iconic, they should of gone with that!

Parasite Museum
This is a real museum. You might not feel like eating noodles after a visit here, but if you’re looking for something strange to see, then this is your place.

Ooedo Onsen Monogatari in Odaiba
While I prefer real hot springs located on the side of a mountain, this attraction is a nice, albeit touristy, way to experience Japan’s obsession with bathing especially if you can’t get out of Tokyo.

Photo by Bill Weisner, Creative Commons license

Photo by Bill Weisner, Creative Commons license

Giant Godzilla Slide
There is a giant Godzilla and you can climb inside and slide down the tail. The only problem is it is located really far away. Why? Because it is the location where Godzilla first came to shore in the original movie. Godzilla is inside Kurihama Flower World, but it’s free!



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