What up ninjas?

There are a gazillion Japan blogs already: gaijin misadventures, otaku culture, kawaii fashion, food porn, the weird & wtf… I’m so late to this party. (╥_╥)

A city & culture website

The mission is so simple, it’s sublime: Discover what is Tokyo.

This means exploring the neighborhoods, visiting cool shops, participating in festivals, examining the history, meeting the denizens and of course eating the food. This fascinating city has endless stories to tell, let’s discover it together!

Additionally, whenever I meet people who are visiting Tokyo, they always ask me about where to go and what to eat. Even with all the information at their fingertips, a knowledgeable insider is still the best resource. So after helping many a lost tourist first hand, I’m taking my mental database and putting it down in a digital guidebook.

I will provide you with the best options from a local’s point of view, as opposed to a travel writer’s or other tourists’. Many of my tips will link to other sites (for now). If I can’t find a direct link, the links will take you to Japanese official tourist websites and news media sites.

The menu

City: Explore the neighborhoods and experience events with me. Learn about the history of Tokyo and see the streets in photos and video.

Culture: See art & design, listen to cool Japanese bands and delve into the finer points of traditional Japanese culture.

Food: Can’t get enough pictures of ramen. JK

Guide: Find out what to do and where to go. Also, I’ll show you cool gifts you can bring home.

Tumblog: Sharing links to Japanese pop culture, news lite and other random stuff.

Trust me!

My name is Bobby. I have been living in Tokyo since 2009, but this is my third time living in Japan. I am from America and prior to coming to this city I lived in Los Angeles. I graduated with a degree in East Asian Studies from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).

I like Japanese girl rock bands. I like hamburgers, doughnuts and beer (Not exactly a Japanese food list, but have you tried the hamburgers in Tokyo?). My favorite Japanese food is natto. (Try it!) I also like to run through the streets of Tokyo with my running club. It’s literally the best way to see the city; I almost never run with my eyes looking forward.

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